As you probably already know Hosties 4 Heroes began by directly supporting Help for Heroes . We have decided to spread our love and sunshine to even more of the heroes that need it, so thanks again for helping us achieve our mission. From here on, we’ll be supporting, not only Help for Heroes and all military and veteran causes, but also the Emergency Services including the Fire service, Police force, RNLI, Air Ambulance and Ambulance.

To assist in making your fundraising journey run as smoothly as possible, we have put together some FAQ questions for you. We hope they help!

  • How do I choose a challenge and can I do any challenge I like?

Yes! You can do any challenge you like! So long as it’s a registered challenge in the UK or even abroad! Whether it’s a 5k walk, the Great North Run, Tough Mudder, the London Marathon, 3 Peaks challenge, A bungee jump, A Wingwalk….the list goes on! Pick a challenge to suit you and your team (if you are part of one) and book your place directly with them via their website.  When you register with us add it to the challenge field with the date where requested so we can add it to our calendar.

  • How many challenges can I do?

As long as you are subscribing you can do as many as you like on behalf of Hosties 4 Heroes in your Hostie T-shirt! Just be sure to notify us at each time you do one following your initial registration.

If we do our own Hostie led challenge/event then we’ll open this up to new registrations first. This is because we want to optimise fundraising and create a fair system. Thank you for your understanding.

You do a Charity of the Month so who will I be fundraising for?

Each month we have designated a Charity of the Month (#COTM ) to fundraise for . We feel it would be incredibly beneficial and fair for all, to spread our Hostie love and sparkle to numerous charities. Each Charity has already been designated a month – see here . So the month of your challenge will determine which charity you fundraise for  – Exciting!

We are banking on your kindness and commitment for this to succeed so thank you in advance 🙂

How shall I set up my fundraising page?

            We recommend Just Giving as we have a company page divided into the 12 charities of the month. We will be in touch to help you set up correctly once your challenge is confirmed.

What should I do once I’ve set my fundraising page up?

Email us at with your fundraising link. We can then inform the charity you’ll be fundraising for so that we can both support you on your journey.

  • How much do I have to raise?

For a regular challenge e.g Tough Mudder or a Half Marathon we recommend a minimum of £300 . In our experience it’s a more than achievable target, with most smashing it! Obviously, you can set it higher and aim for the moon and stars, you’re bound to soar past it anyway! Some find it easier than others and some may do fund raisers quite a lot. With this in mind £300 is a fair guideline for everyone.

If you’re doing a skydive or wing walk then the minimum target is set at £500, this is a different set up from other challenges so please read on.

  • I want to do the wing walking or a skydive, how do I set this up.

You will need to go directly to Click n Jump for the Red Devils Skydive via the links on our website – they organise this on behalf of the Red Devils and Help for Heroes.

If it’s the wingwalk you are after go directly to Aerosuperbatics , link on the website, and they will guide you through the process. Again this type of challenge is currently set up with them to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Don’t forget to tell them you are fundraising as part of the Hosties 4 Heroes community!

You will pay £100 deposit directly to either of the above to secure your place and date. You will then need to set up your Just Giving page at a target of £500. Once you have reached £500 the balance of the cost of the challenge will come out of that automatically, 48hrs before the challenge. (don’t worry it won’t alter the amount showing on your fundraising page) and the remainder will go directly to Help for Heroes.

As with all the challenges please don’t forget to send us the link to your fundraising page

  • I’m not that fit, how long do I have to train for and how?

Don’t let the fitness side of things put you off – of course it’s meant to be a challenge but choose an achievable challenge for you. This way you can set your training goals without being overwhelmed thus more likely to enjoy it. If it’s a physical challenge you choose they will always have top tips on how to train on their website. Good luck!

  • Will you use my photos on social media?

        Send us some photos of you in action as we would love to use them!

            Either send them in via email at with

            your social media handles, or simply tag us @hosties4heroes, from

            your own social media channels

  • Will I get a Hosties 4 Heroes vest and scarf to do my challenge in?

Yes. We will post this out to you in time for your challenge, which is why we would love to see your pics! Don’t forget your Red Lippy …Unless you are male, however that might not stop you 😉 !!

  • Why am I paying a £3 subscription fee?

Hosties 4 Heroes operate as a non – profit organisation so we rely heavily on donations and subscription fees to run efficiently and optimise your experience with us.  Thank you for your support.

  • When will I get to do a hostess event in the Red dresses?!

Upon registering for a challenge to fundraise, your details will be on our system. Should a potential Hostessing event come up in your area then we will approach you if we need to. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you one of these events due to the difference in the volume of registrations, events booked and necessary previous ‘Hostie’ event experience required.  We do our best to share the love but we prefer to make this clear from the offset so as not to disappoint you. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

What if I can’t make the Quarterly Rendevous?

Don’t worry! We understand the whole rostering nightmare! It will be unlikely that all of the Hostie HQ team will ever be there all at once, it’s the nature of our job! Even if you can just make one that would be great.

We like to welcome all crew, from every airline into our warm and friendly community

Thank you for your valuable input 

Remember …”Toughness is the mind & spirit …not in muscles”….