Welcome to our Charity of the Month feature #COTM

Here we have a selection of 12 unique charities that we’d like YOUR help to support and fund raise for in 2018. The idea is that the month of your challenge will determine which #COTM you will be fund raising for, we will assist you in setting up your fund raising page accordingly once registered.

Thank you


                 TEAM RUBICON is our JANUARY Charity of the Month #COTM

Team Rubicon Uk was founded on 12th January 2010 , by US Marines, William McNulty and Jacob Wood following the Haiti earthquake. They rented a truck from the Dominican Republic and drove west to Haiti. The team treated thousands of patients travelling to camps deemed “too dangerous” by other aid organisations. The name Rubicon is from a phase “crossing the rubicon” an idiom to mean passing the point of no return. Team Rubicon have since founded, been deployed to over 175 operations all over the world, allowing veterans to continue to be reintegrated and serve their country. 

..…your Hostie squaddies mission will help this charity to rebuild lives. So far Team Rubicon have helped 2 earthquakes, 61 floods, 14 hurricanes, 40 tornadoes and 19 wildfires, they can’t keep tackling these alone. They need your  help so all you have to do is.. …go start your wonderful New Year with a bang and raise the roof to your fundraising target!!

“Bravo and Go Get Em!!!”

BLUE LAMP FOUNDATION  is our FEBRUARY Charity of the Month #COTM

  David Rathband injured in the line of duty, during a 999 response passed away aged 44 on 29th February 2012, following a brave battle to overcome his injuries and adapt to his new life. This charity was set up on his honour and to support our Police Force.
 Hotel-Echo-Lima-Lima-Oscar !!!

Your fab-u-lous help in fundraising for this great charity, will provide real support and assistance to those unsung 999 heroes, they’re always there when you need them …Now it’s your turn…. So Hostie’s Lets Roll …. lets get the money rolling in …

Good Luck !!!

RNLI is our MARCH Charity of the Month #COTM

RNLI was founded by William Hillary on 4 March 1824, for the preservation of life following a shipwreck . The charity has 237 lifeboat stations, operates 444 lifeboats and has saved over 140,000 lives since it was founded. The crew rescue on average 22 people a day. During WW2 some 6,376 lives were saved alone. The biggest rescue was 17 March 1907, when a 12,000 tonne liner ‘SS Suevic’ hit Maenheere Reef, near Lizard Point in Cornwall. The lifeboats rowed out repeatedly for 16 hours, to rescue all 456 passengers which included 70 babies on board.

“”Ohhhhhh Helllloooo !!!!””

Your support means that the RNLI volunteers are trained to save lives at sea and stay safe in well maintained and kitted out lifeboats. As a charity, they depend on supporters like YOU to keep them ‘afloat’. Your team and outstanding fundraising makes the difference, be YOU and be BRILLIANT with your fundraising … whatever crazy idea it is!!!!

Good Luck!!!

RAF Benevolent Fund is our APRIL Charity of the Month  

This charity was founded by Lord Trenchard in 1918, to assist airmen and women after The Great War, who had no charity of their own. In 2016 they spent 17.6 million delivering a spectrum of care to more than 65,000 members of the RAF family, so rely on charitable assistance. The centenary year is this year, 2018, what a better way to mark it as the great Sir William Churchill said in 1940 of the RAF..  “Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few “……..

“Ok you AC PLONKS!”

(No offence , that’s your RAF slang for new low rank, Aircraft personnel -second class) 😉
Time to put on your ‘Battle Blues’ or your ‘Best Blues’ , don’t get ‘tatered’, just use your SOP’s and raise much needed pennies in your ‘Beehive Formation’!!!
Well Tally Ho Ladies, you have clearance for an amazing fundraiser!!!
“Go show them what ladies are made of and Good Luck!!”


HELP FOR HEROES is our MAY Charity of the Month #COTM

Although it was founded on the 1st October 2007 , H4H hit the headlines and charitable donations increased, as there was a huge outpouring of support after the killing of Drummer and soldier Lee Rigby whom was off duty near his barracks, he was killed wearing a Help for Heroes top on the 22nd May 2013 . Over £600,000.00 was donated during that time, such was the feeling of support. 
Thank you, your support means that we can continue the great work of awareness and fundraising for this brilliant charity. Whatever your challenge, big or small, you are assisting our wounded armed forces personnel to rebuild their lives, after putting their lives second, they now get a second chance of life, through this charity. 
So please go, enjoy, have fun and continue the Hostie legacy for Help for Heroes and be part of the #ForceforGood
“ Go smash all previous targets and show us what you’re made of!!!” 


BLIND VETERANS is our JUNE Charity of the Month #COTM 

This charity was founded by Sir Arthur Pearson in June 1915. It was initially set up to help blinded soldiers in the 1st World War, to date having helped over 15,000 servicemen and women have access to the finest quality services , to help them discover life beyond sight loss . We felt that June would be the perfect month to show our gratitude by showing our support.
Welcome and firstly thank you for your support . The Blind Veterans charity believe that no one who has served our great country, should battle blindness alone, and so do we. It’s up to you to make that vision happen by your sheer grit and determination with your fundraising events. All we ask is that you keep the target in your sights and go smash it for the veterans, who have served this country and kept us safe.

Good Luck!!!

SCOTTY’S LITTLE SOLDIERS is our JULY Charity of the Month #COTM

Founder Nikki Scott, her husband, Corporal Lee Scott was killed during Operation ‘Panther Claw’ In Helmand Province, Afghanistan on 10th July-2009 . We would like to honour his memory and fundraise for these little soldiers this month.

Hello Gorgeous!!!

Firstly welcome to this Hostie community and thank you for your support.  Your wonderful teams will be taking on crazy, fun, cool events to help Scotty’s Little Soldiers, who assist the children of bereaved British Forces. So the children can carry on being children, having fun, against the harsh reality of the adult world. #HelpTheirChildrenSmile

So all we have to say is… Go Get The Money Tumbling In…Go Hostie’s Go!!!


The First Chief Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade was Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, and how the London Fire Brigade came about, he died the 25th August 1908. It’s the charity’s 75th anniversary this August. Please help us celebrate this worthy cause.  

“Neee norrr neeee noorrr”

Thought that siren impression would make you smile …
Now your turn , whatever your doing let’s make our heroes smile…. Your amazing work and dedication means that you and your ‘Hostie watch’ teams will actively be supporting firefighters in need. As you know they are always on call, day or night to help us. Now it’s your turn to raise much needed funds to help the firefighters whether they are ill, injured or in need of physical support, to come to terms with what life and death situations they face, whilst in the line of duty. Go answer your call of duty in fundraising and help these everyday heroes.

Best wishes and Good Luck!!!!!


The first recorded ‘British’ ambulance flight took place in Turkey in 1917, when a soldier in the ‘camel corps’ who had been shot in the ankle, was flown to hospital in a ‘de Havilland DH9’ in 45 minutes. The same journey by land would have taken some 3 days to complete. The Air Ambulance Associations vision is to improve a patients outcome, in a severe trauma by 30-40%. Of up to 5,000 ‘999’ calls for Ambulance made every day to the London Ambulance Service, up to 7 most critical are passed to the Air Ambulance. This all speaks for itself….. 

“Chocks Away , Hostie Helimed”

As you have probably guessed, your amazeballs fundraising will go to this totally brilliant charity, The Air Ambulance Service does not receive any government funds. Their hourly, daily, monthly life saving missions are fuelled by your donations alone. Every flight saves lives, keep going strong, to help them keep flying high.
“Up, up and away, you are clear for fundraising take off!!!”

Good Luck!!

JUST RIFLES is our OCTOBER Charity of the Month #COTM

The charity all began with solicitor Bryan Fugler, wanting to do something to raise funds in the memory of family friend Lance Corporal Thomas Keogh , who was killed in action in Sangin Province , Afghanistan . We attended the annual dinner and dance last October 2017 and were humbled and thrilled to have been asked. We wanted to show our support after seeing first hand how this charity helps our heroes.

“Twittt Twooo, Hellllooooo!!”
Firstly, thank you for your support it means so much , it means that Just Rifles can continue to give a personal touch to the many injured servicemen and women and bereaved families with finding things they need like bespoke sporting equipment right through to household items . So your opportunity now is to put your personal touch to your fundraising, whatever your event. All we ask is do it in style and give it some “Riflemen welly”!!!!

Best Of Luck!!!

SAVE OUR SOLDIERi is our NOVEMBER Charity of the Month #COTM

Founded November 2011 by CEO and Founder Lee Hayward to support active duty servicemen and women and veterans by having a team of mindfulness and wellness practitioners, motivational coaches, counsellors and registered psychiatrists on hand to intervene and assist these heroes with recovery from their traumatic injuries and memories they hold. We feel that we can show our support by raising awareness of this charity and the good work it does.

“Hi Gorgeous!!

Hosties 4 Heroes and Save Our Soldier want to thank you for your interest and support in this charity.  Your dedication in your event will raise funds for Save Our Soldier, providing much needed help and intervention from the hard struggle of the ‘Silent Bullet’, long after the soldiers battle ended, the physical and invisible wounds remain . Your country needs you!!  Go and smash your target , make a real impact…

Good Luck !!!



Sergeant Duncan Slater, a soldier injured in Afghanistan in 2009 , became the first double amputee to walk to The South Pole on 13-December-2013, with the help of and on behalf of  WWTW and along with HRH Prince Harry . This could be our ‘Walking Home for Christmas campaign’ in December!

 Well what can we say , Welcome to the Hostie community!
Your brief is to raise much needed funds for a supportive pathway for vulnerable veterans being integrated back into society to sustain their independence after leaving their military gang. Walking With The Wounded funds that vital support, now show your support and go kick some butt to get that money!
“Go Hosties Go” let’s end this wonderful year on an enormous high.